You will find me in the space between Post-it notes and profit

I am a Product Leader, Enterprise Agile and Professional Coach with over twenty-two years of experience in helping organisations of all sizes, entrepreneurial teams and individuals, to thrive. I am empathetic, endlessly curious, creative and inclusive with a passion for creating, growing, and delivering innovation at pace while balancing user needs and business outcomes. As a lean product management practitioner, I am data-informed, focused on learning through hypothesis and experimentation while gathering evidence and iterating solutions to reduce the 4 product risks (value, usability, feasibility and business viability). As an ex-software engineer, I thrive in low-certainty environments and relish the opportunity to lead cross-functional product teams in building desirable products and services by applying a user-centred approach.

I have coached on multiple agile and digital transformations and led many cross-functional product teams. I am a huge believer in leaving a legacy of increased capability in the teams I work with. My focus is always on delivering value early and often, managing flow from end-to-end, and iterating the proposition and the outputs of my team’s process based on real user feedback. I work across the full length of the product lifecycle, or as I like to say, in the space between Post-it notes and profit.

Picture of Paul Brown

What people who work with me have to say

Paul has a deep understanding of what makes for a great team culture and has a variety of engaging techniques to pinpoint issues and get teams to move forward. He does this in a respectful way; it’s called invisible leadership and it gets results. It is meaningful at team and programme level – but equally rewarding for the people he has ‘conversations’ with.

It has been a pleasure to work with Paul. He is so knowledgeable and has an extremely skillful way of presenting information that enables everyone to gain insights not only into what he is teaching but also into themselves.

I worked with Paul at GSK where we worked together coaching product teams and taught product cohort training sessions together, and he was also my mentor. Paul is a great mentor and a person who really cares about understanding people and how best to help them, and approaches his work using the lens of User Researcher. Paul is a very unique person and is highly thought of amongst the senior leaders for his product knowledge and wealth of experience. He has supported many teams on their agile transformation journey across the Tech business units including Consumer Healthcare, Pharma, Vacancies and Supply Chain. Paul is very reliable, honest, trustworthy and fun person to work with and what makes me him different is that he genuinely cares about helping people to do better and be better and cares about making a positive difference.