A user manual for Paul

I was running a retrospective with a team I am working with recently, and we stumbled on a genuinely fun exercise called ‘a user manual for me’. This is the output from the exercise that I created

Books which got me thinking recently…

Inspired by the ‘good enough’ book list posted by Jose Casal recently, I thought I’d put together a list of books I have read (or re-read) in the last six months which have either made me stop and think or pushed me to widen my view in topics of interest.

In search of a label

In 2012 I met a guy who ended up being my co-founder in a business which I thought was going to take over the world, and the best bit, there was clear segregation of duties, he was the CEO and I was the CTO. I loved that, I had my label and this was going to work, nothing was going to get in my way, I had finally arrived….