‘Pay What You Can Afford’ Coaching Sessions

So why am I doing this?

Since I started to practise as a coach and mentor in March 2018, I have been lucky enough to partner with more than 40 coaching clients and have come to realise just how brilliant it feels for me as a coach to see one of my coachees progress towards their previously ‘unobtainable’ goals – there is no feeling like it!

Over the years, many more people have either expressed a desire to work together or maybe even have had a session or two but could not afford to continue, and I hate that I have not been able to help them more. And let’s not even talk about the global pandemic, which has taken such a toll on so many while increasing the need for coaching more than ever.

So this is an experiment – I want to support my clients by making coaching available to all who want it at whatever price they can afford.

How do Pay-What-You-Can-Afford sessions work?

Just as it sounds, you can book a 60-minute session with me as usual, and after each one, you will be sent a link in an email to where you can pay what you can afford anonymously.

How much should I pay?

It’s entirely down to you! You’re more than welcome to enter £0, but my experience tells me that paying even a small amount will focus your mind on what you want to achieve more than paying nothing due to a psychological phenomenon called “loss aversion.” We can talk about that in a session if it is of interest!

Will the amount I pay change how we work together?

Absolutely not. Booking and payments happen automatically, and I treat all of my clients equally. All sessions will be via conference call and are 100% confidential.